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How to keep sane in our crazy new world.
30 Mar

How to keep sane in our crazy new world.

The world is very different right now.Who knew that the very thought of a big family gatheringwould become such a treasured event? At Family Keepsake Cookbooks and Gateway Rasmussen – The Cookbook Printer – our hearts break for the social dista...

17 Mar

How To Make Your Dad A Custom Cookbook

Does your dad (or grandpa) love to cook? Why not show the men in your life how much you appreciate their culinary skills by designing a custom Family Keepsake cookbook for them?What’s your dad’s specialty? Steak barbecued to perfection… light, fluffy...

03 Feb

What is a Good Way to Store Brown Sugar?

To keep brown sugar soft, use these tips:Store it in an airtight container, use a terra cotta brown sugar saver, add a few marshmallows or a slice of bread to the bag. The important thing is to keep moisture out of the brown sugar which makes it go h...