Does your dad (or grandpa) love to cook? Why not show the men in your life how much you appreciate their culinary skills by designing a custom Family Keepsake cookbook for them?
What’s your dad’s specialty? Steak barbecued to perfection… light, fluffy pancakes cooked up for Sunday breakfast… mouthwatering chili that simmers all day… how about a hot and spicy vegetarian stir-fry?
Many men love to recreate and pass down recipes from their family’s heritage. It keeps the memories of all those wonderful times gathered around the dinner table alive. My husband, for instance, loved his Slovak grandmother’s recipes for bean soup, potato dough and potato pancakes (which all take a lot of time, create a big mess, but are totally worth it.) Now, we are so grateful that he took the time to learn these old country recipes, as the previous generations have all since passed away, and these treasures would have been lost.
How do you get started?
Gather up all of your recipes, then you have 2 choices:
Create an account on our website and type them online or send the recipes to us and we’ll type them for you. Original recipes can be returned if requested. (A typing fee is applicable if we type them.)
Be sure to include a short comment as to why each recipe is special, funny stories, or cherished memories. Add photos or kids’ drawings to make it truly personal.
We specialize in designing custom covers – and your color front and back covers are included free. Just email us your photo(s) and we’ll do the rest.
Our friendly, helpful staff will be there to help you every step of the way. We have been printing cookbooks for over 50 years and have lots of great ideas to share.
We can print as few as 5 copies – 50 copies – or more – whatever your family needs. It’s the perfect idea for a father’s day or birthday gift.
Get started today – you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!
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